Who is Masar Technology?

A Multinational company that has several branches around the world specialized in the manufacturing of Islamic products from clocks to smart devices that have been well received by many customers all over the world. 

Are Masar products designed and manufactured by Masar?

Yes, all Masar products are completely designed and manufactured in their own factories. 

Can I be an authorized agent or distributor of Masar products in my country?

Yes, you can be an authorized agent or distributor in your country 

We are at Masar always looking for strong and energetic business partners to share our continued success. For more details about the advantages and duties of joining the network of agents, please click here. 

How can I purchase Masar online store?

The site shows you the options available to Masar so that you can select the product that suits your taste, then you register, fill in the shipping data and complete the purchase process. 

Does Masar offer a warranty for its products?

Certainly, all the offered products have a two-year warranty by Masar, and you can benefit from the warranty benefits by contacting the authorized customer in your country. For more information about warranty terms, you can visit the following link click here. 

Can a Masar customer send a gift through the site?

Masar facilitates and helps this process, as the gift is delivered through the shipping company to the place where the gift is located. All you have to do is fill in the shipping data with the information of the gifted person. 

If my product malfunctions, where can I service it?