Masar Technology 

A Multinational company that has several branches around the world specialized in the manufacturing of Islamic products from clocks to smart devices that have been well received by many customers all over the world. 

True to its roots, Masar only manufactures Smart Islamic Products and accessories and over the years the company kept adding features and new technologies to its products. 

Masar 57 Smart Azan Clock : 

A unique and distinctive model of Islamic technology, a clock that carries the latest technology and many Islamic features , Made in different sizes and shapes to suit all tastes and suitable for homes and mosques. 

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Masar 34 Smart Azan Clock : 

Made of high quality materials inspired by Islamic design 

An elegant design specially designed to suit any space ,it includes unique and innovative features. 

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Why should you have Masar clock in your home? 

By owning a Masar Clock in your home, it maintains an integrated Islamic atmosphere for you and your family inside the house. 

Masar APP Control (coming soon)

You can now control the clock in a smart and intuitive way using the control application 


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