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Smart Azan Clock

The ultimate Azan Clock for Muslims in Malaysia



Masar Technology Limited

A Multinational company that has several branches around the world specialized in the manufacturing of Islamic products from clocks to smart devices that have been well received by many customers all over the world. 

Technology :

True to its roots, Masar only manufactures Smart Islamic Products and accessories and over the years the company kept adding features and new technologies to its products.

Development :

For the coming years, several unique products are under development. Masar loves to listen to customers and with their help develop well thought-through products that help customers to express their creativity.

Production :

Masar has chosen Shenzhen, China as a headquarter location to be in the hub of electronics market, and to assure competitive pricing and fast delivery.


Masar invites you to share with us our continued success in the Islamic technology sector, to have mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of sales, distribution and wholesale. 


Masar 34

Size : 45*38 CM

LED Size : 0.56+0.8 inch

Masar 45

Size : 53*43 CM

LED Size : 0.8 inch

Masar 57

Size : 73*53 CM

LED Size : 1.2 inch

Masar 913

Size : 130*90 CM

LED Size :2.3 inch






Masar 34 NEW

Accurate & easy to maintain prayer times (CSV FILES)

Prayer times adjustment

Modern new islamic design

Made of high Quality Materials

Multilingual Voice over Assistant (Arabic,Malay,English,Frensh,Turkish)

Two high quality speakers (Audio MP3 Format)

7 Complete Holy Quran with translation

Big size high quality LED

User Friendly Remote control

Two Years Real Warranty

Other clock 

X Need to convert the times

X Prayer Time Adjustment

X Classic Design frame

X Azan LED indicator

X Multilingual Voice over Assistant


X 1 PC speaker without AMP(WAV Format)

X Complete Quran  (without Translation)

X Small Size digits LED

X Complex & small remote control

X Quality issues reported

Features unique to Masar

Elegant design suitable for homes and offices 

Clock Size 45*38 CM , LED Size 0.8 inch
Malaysian Prayer times

More than 60 Cities and areas accurate prayer times for Malaysia and Singapore with the ability to adjust the time in user friendly way

Azan Sounds and Notifications

Masar clock provides a feature of the call to prayer that can be set according to the local time in your city, with a variety of sound of moazeen that you can choose between and preserve the Islamic character within your home. 

7 Complete Holy Quran with translation

Masar Clocks include 7 complete holly quran, with translation to English,Malay ,Turkish

Azkar and supplications

Masar Clock contains a large number of remembrances and supplications that can be installed according to your desire and according to the time you see fit to start automatically. 

User Friendly Remote control

User Friendly Remote control

Room temperature indicator

A built-in sensor designed to identify the room temperature. 

Multilingual Voice over Assistant (Arabic,Malay,English,Frensh,Turkish)

Masar clock supports multilingual voice over assistance With this feauter the user will have more interactive experience with the clock.

At Masar Technology, we are pleased to partner with strong and energetic clients from different countries