Our international Warranty Policy

The International Warranty applies to Masar products that have been purchased or provided for warranty service in any country.
The content and duration of our guarantee
Masar’s product has received the necessary care and expertise, while observing Masar’s stringent quality standards. all products are covered by Masar International’s warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Please contact Masar’s authorized agents or representatives in different countries in your area.
Masar guarantees the product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. If your product is returned within the warranty period, Masar will repair any damaged product and/or replace any damaged part free of charge within a reasonable time after the product is returned. After the warranty period has expired, any repairs will be made for the price of the service.

How to use the service

You can benefit from the service by bringing or sending your product to the authorized dealer store in your country as specified below. You will bear the costs of transportation, including, but not limited to, postage, insurance and packing materials. We recommend that you attach any package you send to us with a delivery certificate and insurance.
To obtain a service within the framework of Masar International Warranty, the reference product must be attached to the original warranty certificate provided with the product when purchased, and the certificate must be filled out, dated, stamped and duly signed by a Masar store or an authorized agent or the electronic warranty card has been activated by Masar store or an authorized agent upon purchase.
Note: Only Masar Store or authorized dealer is authorized to fill out this certificate.
What is not covered by the International Warranty
The International Warranty does not cover the following:
Defects or damages caused by loss, theft, fire or other causes beyond our control.
Defects or damages resulting from misuse, negligence, or accident.
Defects or damages resulting from improper use (bumps, hollows, crushing on case or glass, etc.) Different parts than Masar recommends.
Defects or damages caused by normal use.
Products in which the serial number printed on their packaging has been erased or not clearly legible, or when any part of the original product background or any original number has been removed, altered, altered, altered, erased, defaced.
Routine maintenance and cleaning.
Repair Warranty:
Our technical department takes special care of track parts when repairing them. And with every repair, you get a twenty-four months warranty from our after-sales service center. This warranty will cover the cost of labor and parts but is different from the International Track Warranty that you receive when you purchase your product.
Detailed warranty description:
International Warranty Texts, Limited Warranty and Repair Certificates are intended to provide information only. It is not an effective guarantee in and of itself. Masar declines any responsibility in this regard. It only provides the full warranty, dated, stamped and signed by an authorized agent of Masar.
Counterfeiting: No service will be provided for the counterfeit masar product.
Masar reserves the right not to repair or, on the contrary, repair products that have been modified or repaired by an authorized dealer or service center authorized by Masar.

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