Masar 34 Smart Azan Clock

Elegant design suitable for homes and offices 

An Islamic clock made of high quality materials inspired by Islamic art that contains practical features that create an Islamic atmosphere in your place. 

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Masar 34 Technical Features: 

Masar 34 Smart Azan Clock is designed and equipped with smart technologies that make it suitable for homes and mosques, and it is constantly being updated and developed to maintain an integrated Islamic modernity where it is placed, while strengthening it with control features that facilitate the user experience. 

You can now control all the features of Masar 34 clock through the Masar mobile application that is connected to your smartphone with ease; Through it, you will be able to control many appliances  and set the features of the clock. 

Masar control APP 

To achieve a great experience in using the Masar 34 Clock, many features have been added that are associated with the clock via the application to adjust all the features provided seamlessly. 

الهيكل والأبعاد

الواجه الأماميه : واجه أماميه أكرليك مطبوع بجوده عاليه

الاطار والخلفية : Polystyrene Wood Color Painted

الوزن: 2.1 كغ

الابعاد: 50*380*450مم

أبعاد العلبه: 60*450*500 مم

التغذية الكهربائية

الجهد المدخل: 110-220V

الجهد الناتج: 5V DC

التيار: 2ِA


عن طريق تطبيق مسار للأجهزة الذكية وعن طريق جهاز تحكم عن بعد المرفق مع الساعة.

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